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The mission of the Pan-African PPP Development Center is to provide investment in public infrastructure to improve people’s quality of life in Africa.

The establishment of our organization was a collaborative effort between the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Northern lights organization.

Developing the market for infrastructure and public-private partnerships in Africa.

studies were performed for for authorities and the private sector.

trained in our education programmes

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Vice Presidents’ Forum for Research and Community Development opened at Bonga University

  The rectors of all 50 state universities took part in the summit. The Minister [...]

Oksana Mayorova: “Russia is now at the point of trust”

  Our interlocutor today is Oksana Vadimovna Mayorova, co-founder of the Pan-African Center for the [...]

Oksana Mayorova: “We differ only in the color of our skin and the brightness of our clothes.”

  What unites Russian and African women? Can we make this world a better place [...]

14 illegal driving schools were closed in Burkina Faso

14 illegal driving schools were closed in Burkina Faso by decision of the General Directorate [...]

Large terrorist base destroyed in Burkina Faso

Local media reported this. After the Armed Forces of Burkina Faso destroyed a large number [...]

South Africa needs to maintain an exceptional balance in managing its international relations

The country must approach its economic relations carefully to avoid becoming embroiled in escalating tensions [...]


Nelson Mandela and Palestine

“Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” To the news about the [...]

AfDB hybrid capital note could launch before end-November

The African Development Bank (AfDB) could issue its debut hybrid bond of between $500 billion [...]